While on the way driving to school to pickup my children, I received an SMS from 63365.

“RM0.00 Your Temporary Password for Standard Chartered Online Banking is xxxxx and is valid until 30 Dec 2013 11:56AM. Do not share your password with anyone and if you have not performed this transaction, please contact the bank.”

I was a little bit nervous as I thought this is some kind of phone scam or someone is using my credit card. Wait… I do not have a stanchart card..well I did applied for one on 4/8/2013 and received this sms on 26/8/2013.

A quick search on a local forum showing similar sms received by other users too. So probably nothing to worry about. Feeling exited to receive the complimentary Philips sound system that come with Groupon Stanchart Visa credit card promotion ;)




Temporary Internet Banking Password From Standard Chartered Bank

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