Just bought a XiaoYi car dash camera. Using a Strontium Nitro Lite 200X 30MB/s 8GB card.

The original firmware that come with the camera is V-0.07.013

yi firmwareThe camera and microsd card was working fine. Installed the android app and was prompted to update the firmware.

Updated to the latest 8.013 firmware and this error message “为了保证行车记录仪正常工作,请使用 Class 10高速存储卡”. I googled and basically it says I will need a class 10 high speed microsd card with 80MB/s read speed.

Below are some testings and findings when I rolled back the firmware:

8013 not working need high speed card

8001 not working need high speed card, checking the card and found a text file named: CardSpeed.txt with the following text “6”

7024 not working need high speed card, CardSpeed.txt “6”

7020 working, no problem with cards (link)
7013 original firmware, lost after upgraded to 8013

Firmware link

Apparently there is a difference between flashing the firmware by naming it “firmware.bin” and “FWCARC10.bin” First I flashed the 0720 firmware by naming it FWCARC10.bin and is working fine.. After I tested the rest of the firmwares which are not working, I re-flashed the 0720 firmware using “firmware.bin” method and is having the same problem with card.

XiaoYi Car Dash Cam Firmware Solve Problem “”为了保证行车记录仪正常工作,请使用 Class 10高速存储卡”

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