Oracle VM Share Folder: Treansient Folders wd c:\share
insert guest addition cd image

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms

cd /home/metal/share/
sha1sum metalsploit-latest-linux-x64-installer.run > metalsploit-latest-linux-x64-installer.sha1
sha1sum -c metalsploit-latest-linux-x64-installer.sha1
sha1sum -c s.sha1

gedit error “could not save file” Unexpected error renaming temporary file: Text file busy
solve: gedit -edit-preference-create a backup copy before saving
sudo /home/metal/share/metasploit-latest-linux-x64-installer.run **(must be full path)
might need to try:
sudo chmod +x ***.run

port 3790
server: localhost
days of validity 3650

access via web browser: https://localhost:3790

Setup Metalsploit using Virtual Box and Ubuntu

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