AOL Instant Messenger (TM).rsr
AOL Instant Messenger.rsr
Internet Explorer.rsr
NTUser – Files set to Run on Startup.rsr
NTUser – Internet Account Manager.rsr
NTUser – Internet Explorer.rsr
NTUser – LastVisited and OpenSave MRU.rsr
NTUser – Media Player MRUs.rsr
NTUser – Protected Storage.rsr
NTUser – Recent Docs.rsr
NTUser – Typed URLs.rsr
SAM – Users.rsr
Software – OS Version.rsr
Software – Profile List.rsr
Software – Windows logon.rsr
Software – Wireless Network Connections.rsr
System – Select Key.rsr
System – Time Zone Settings .rsr
Yahoo Instant Messenger.rsr

Registry Viewer RST Files

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