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Low Power Microprocessor

Intel reveals its Low Power Microprocessor recently, called “Sossaman” , a low-voltage version of its Xeon server processors that consumes between a third and a fifth the amount of electrical power as its brethren.

Low Power Microprocessor

It says:-

“The dual-core chip, called Xeon LV as expected, consumes a maximum of 31 watts of power compared with a range of 110 to 165 watts for other Xeon models. In quantities of 1,000, it costs US$423 for a 2GHz model and US$209 for a 1.6GHz model.

The chip is a response to growing problems of power consumption and resulting waste heat in the data center. Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices has made inroads in the server market, in part because its chips are more power-efficient, analysts say.”

64-bit Intel Xeon 3GHz 800FSB 2M ( BX80546JG3000FA )

The source on Low Power Microprocessor.

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