Sinchew introduces New Blog site

Commenting on the rising number of local news organisations that have started to produce multimedia content such as short messaging services (SMS) and online video clips, Ooi said content is still king. ??New technologies tend to revive old trends. For example, ten years ago the rage among newspapers was to have a website. But at that time, ways to present information was limited.
??Today, technology has improved so much that we can have features such as blogs, video streaming, flash animation on any website. On the mobile, 3G (third-generation) technology makes it possible to view TV and video via mobile phones,?? he said.
These trends would definitely drive up competition between radio, television and print, Ooi said.
??But the success of next-generation news organisations depends how well they can recyle, process, repackage and deliver their content in various mediums to create value for its readers,?? he said.