Sales Tax Free States In USA

Here is a list I got from a Chinese forum. Good to know if you are planning to buy thru Internet and ship to these states:

Delaware 特拉华
Oregon  俄勒冈
Montana  蒙大那
Alaska  阿拉斯加
New Hampshire 新罕布什尔


The Tomato Billows Inundate

Tomato–3 grains;
Egg–3 grains;
Soybean oil–50 grams;
Refined salt, soy sauce, sesame oil–respectively right amount;
The black pepper powder, the sesame seed powder (dry cultivates), the green onion–right amount respectively;
Bread flour, starch–respectively right amount;

Step â–¡:
1. the soy sauce, the sesame seed powder, the black pepper powder, at the end of the green onion and the sesame oil puts in the bowl, stirs Cheng Tzuchih to be ready to be used;
2. tomatoes wash cleanly, burns slightly with boiling water Sichuan, then goes to Pi Hoti, the slice, after 灑 on little bread flour spare;
3. infiltrates the egg white soaks in the juice, again joins the bread flour and the starch, stirs Cheng Huzhuang;
4. under the oil and burns the heat toward the pot in, will stain 麵糊 the tomato piece will put into the pot by the piece fries in oil;
5. explodes golden yellow to when bails out controls the oil, on the plate decoration namely completes.

The tomato includes the rich nutrition, uses for 酥炸 a flavor.


IBM Thinkpad Video Options

Video Chips available and 3D Mark 05 scores:

1. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) X3100 – 826

2. NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M – 2943 @ 3.6 times faster than X31oo

3. NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M – 7790

@9.4 times faster than X3100

@ 2.6 times faster than NVS 140M


Information on Migraine

Migraine Headaches: Ways to Deal With the Pain —

A link that provide information on migraine, and how to deal with the intense pain.


How Come?

How come the money that can’t be found to insure all children this year can be found every 2 months for the Iraq war?


Malaysia Official Durex Condom Tester Application

Durex Easy-on Condom Tester Application Form:

Want to try out Durex new Easy-on condom? Here is the application form. Too bad the closing date is due.

Ramblings sold for six figures

Internet Archive Wayback Machine: Iphone

I can confirm Apple has bought from Michael Kovatch. Michael would not disclose the sale prices but he said it was well worth it to sell. I know this was at least a million dollar sale. Michael said this last week was a very busy one inside of Apple. He was holding out because he truly wanted to use the domain.



Brain Drain or Trouble Drain?

Something funny I heard on the Internet today, can anyone verify it?

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew: “When I told PM Tun Razak in the early 70’s that M’sia was suffering a brain drain, losing many well educated chinese and indians to Australia and NZ, he replied, “This is not a ‘brain-drain’. It is ‘trouble-drain’; it drains trouble out of M’sia”.


If Malaysia Got Its First Super GT Team…

Malaysia might have Super GT team

If really got, do you think the GT girls will look like this?

Super GT Girls

Or like this?


Cracked Acer LCD

A simple press on the edge of the notebook and you will end with a cracked LCD.