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Just installed Deepest Sender (a move from using post via email). Just testing it out if it meets my liking.

Blog via email is more convenient but unless I found the way to make the email text formatted nicely, I will have to try other solutions. Hope Deepest Sender can meet my requirement.

FYI, Deepest Sender is a plugin (.xpi) for Firefox, which means you can launch it by right-clicking from the Firefox browser itself. Nice for a lazy lamer like myself.

Let’s see how the text will format itself in this post 😉

main login window

Wow! drag and drop images also works! hehehe, a nice point added.

This is a link:, will it auto hyperlink? or I will try hyperlink it here:

Hey, and Deepest Sender supports categories as well, another plus point from plain old post by email.

Color text. Red, Blue, Yellow! Nice!

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