My First ReviewMe Check!

If you are into web development, blogging or adsense, you will probably heard about ReviewMe. It is a website for both advertisers and bloggers like me to help each other. Advertisers can order a review from bloggers and in return bloggers can earn a little something to pay for the hosting.

Two methods of payment for bloggers are available. I prefer check which requires minimum payment of USD$25. Each month a blogger may only accept 10 campaign offers. I wrote my first review on 12 May 2007 and some other reviews on that month.

A ReviewMe check arrived on my mailbox today. Not much compares to my other checks, but enough to pay for the hosting.

My First ReviewMe Check

So if you having a blog, able to write something as simple as 200 words and want some small change to pay for hosting, why not try out ReviewMe (aff).

By steve

Steve, Internet Peon on his journey to become a mogul. Like technology, nerd things (programming) and gadgets.

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