2008 Restaurant Cheras Business Center

It was raining the whole evening today, so for dinner, me and my friend went to a restaurant nearby.

Actually this is the first time both of us having dinner at this restaurant. Every time we pass by the restaurant, we always saw quite alot of customers. So we said why not give it a try.

Well, frankly the food was quite nice. Both two of us order a fish dish, a vegetable dish and drinks.

Here we go:

The first disk is herbal fish, which is an unusual way of cook fish in Chinese cooking. The taste is good, with rich aroma of Chinese herbal, kao kei and abit of Chili. Worth a try because we seldom see herbal fish at other places.

The herbal fish comes with plenty of tasty soup with rich herbal aroma too. We mixed the soup together with the rice and they come along quite well. Nice to have something hot for a cold raining day.

Then we have another vegy cook in unusual way., a Yin-yong Kailan

First the leaves were sliced to thin slices and fried till crispy, with abit of salty taste. The stalk was cut and stir fried just tender enough and not too old, with oyster/soya source as the base. The mixture of both the crispy sliced leaves and lightly cooked stalk come together quite well, give me a distinctly Yin Yong kind of taste inside the mouth.

Well, we end our dinner with a glass of orange juice and Chinese tea.

The herbal fish costs RM22, Yin Yong Kailan RM13 which we think were reasonable because the portion was meant for 3-4 persons. We will definitely go there again for their chef-recommended Yim-Kok-Yu (Salt covered fish, which need 25-30 minutes to prepare) and LaLa (forgot what style)

The address of 2008 Restaurant is Block C, 20-0-8, Jalan 2/101C, Cheras Business Center. Reservation call Danny 013-351 7479