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MyVi TRD Bodykit, selling price RM1300


Another Stupid Malaysia Website: Pizzahut

Pizzahut Malaysia has this so called online ordering system. It has a very bad security feature: once you key in a valid phone number which has ordered before, you will be able to see the personal information: Name, Address and comments (which Pizzahut uses to send the pizza to your doorstep), no verification needed!
How to test: Go to, under REGISTRATION, click Register and then key in a phone number which has been used previously to order from Pizzahut.

I have tried key in 3 numbers (old house, current house and office), all three return me the personal information of the person ordering.

This sucks big time! Imaging someone program a little software to loop all the phone numbers and get all the personal information they want and sell them to scammers (high court scam/lottery scam/kidnap scam)?

Little suggestion here: at least make the need of verification (thru SMS/land line) before you show the personal information, Mr. Pizzhut!


See Who I Saw At Nuffnang Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Screening

Shaolin Tiger and Kimberly

Not too clear as the whole cinema is pitch dark when I took the picture. Here is a picture of two of the bloggers which I read their blogs frequently.

Nice outfit, ST and you look gorgeous, Kim 😉


Bangsar Seafood Eat All You Can Promotion

Someone sent me this. Anyone wants to go with me?

Never been to that place before but I guess the food is good, otherwise they wont be able to celebrate 18th anniversary.

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant:

Malaysia Ramblings

Want to win some cool gadgets?

Here is a good change for those who wish to win some of the coolest gadgets. Check out


Isu Isu Semasa Di Malaysia

Isu Isu Semasa Di Malaysia or current issues in Malaysia is a very hotly searched topic by local Malaysian and those abroad.

To get the latest issues, here is a list of interesting place I have compiled. – One of the hottest blog spots in Malaysia in isu isu semasa di Malaysia. – Top selling Malay Newspaper. – Malaysian National News Agency. – Malaysian Top English Newspaper.

2005 Complete Guide to the Asian Tsunami Disaster ¿ Sumatra Earthquake, Indian Ocean Tsunamis, Devastation in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Somalia, Malaysia, and the Maldives; American Humanitarian Aid Response and Plans, Scientific Reports on the Earthquake and Tsunamis, Tsunami Scientific Research and Survival Guides (News Focus CD-ROM)


Bank in Kualampur Malaysia

Bank in Kualampur Malaysia? I think you mean “bank in kuala lumpur malaysia”.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. To find a list of bank in Kualampur Malaysia, I have compiled the list below. If you cannot find the bank you are interested in Kualampur, you can try Bank Negara Website here.

The Monetary and Banking Development of Singapore and Malaysia

Commercial Banks in Malaysia

Other Financial Institutions in Malaysia

Central Banks

Institutes of Bankers

Other Sites


Akhbar Harian Metro Malaysia

Akhbar Harian Metro Malaysia is the leading Malay language daily in Malaysia. It is distributed in 5 major editions and the daily edition comes with 3 parts, namely main part, national part and theme part.

Here is from their website:-

Berita Harian adalah akhbar utama berbahasa Melayu tanah air. Diterbitkan dalam lima edisi, menjadi sumber yang tepat untuk mendapatkan maklumat dan berita terkini. Edisi harian didatangkan dalam 3 bahagian utama; iaitu Bahagian Utama, Bahagian Nasional dan Bahagian Tema. Bahagian Nasional dibahagikan kepada edisi Utara, Tengah, Selatan, Timur dan Sabah Sarawak. Berita Harian juga memuatkan akhbar tabloid Joran, eksklusif untuk aktiviti memancing yang diterbitkan setiap Jumaat.

Saya adalah-- Mahafiraun: Berita harian, 20 Julai 1999



Borang Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia Download

Borang Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia is the place where you can find and download all kind of application forms for working with Malaysian Government Agencies.

The forms includes:-

Borang yang perlu diisi oleh calon yang mempunyai ijazah, sarjana atau PHD
Borang yang perlu diisi oleh calon yang mempunyai diploma atau sijil
Borang yang perlu diisi oleh calon yang mempunyai STPM atau HSC
Borang yang perlu diisi oleh calon yang mempunyai SPM, SRP atau PMR
Separa Perubatan
Borang yang perlu diisi oleh calon yang memohon jawatan separa perubatan
Borang yang perlu diisi oleh calon yang sedang berkhidmat atau KPSL

The missing image is not my fault, it is yet again a “Malaysia Boleh” achievement.

The Mahathir Legacy: A Nation Divided, a Region at Risk