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How To Be More Sociable – in Blogging

How to be more sociable in blogging means giving easier way for your blog readers to share the piece of information that they enjoy. Readers will like to have ways to share with outhers likemind people on things they like while reading blogs.

So here come the much likable and sociable plugin,

Sociable: Quick Social Bookmarking Plugin for WordPress

A ’sociable’ is analgous to having a party. A sociable is also what one might yell at a party/ bar on the east coast of Canada in order to get all his or her friends to raise their glass, yell “sociable!!!!” and then take a few slugs. You can also do this when being simply around easterners too. Try it with your friends, but do you really need an excuse to bring the glass to your lips?

And some screen shots:-

How to be more sociable image 1

Sociable Letters


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