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Funny Translation by Google

Saw this joke about funny translation by Google on DigitalPoint forum.

You can try the following on Google Translation .
Here is it:-

Pls do it right now & SEE the blunder made by google.

1. Open google
2. click ‘language tools’ link.
3. Write “Aishwarya’s mom is very nice” in ‘Translate text:’ textbox.
4.Select “English to Spanish” in the below combo.
5. Press Translate and wait for translation.
6. Now copy the translated text from the above text and paste it in the ‘Translate text:’ textbox.
7. Select “Spanish to English” in the below combo.
8. Press Translate and wait for translation.
9. Enjoy.

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2 replies on “Funny Translation by Google”

wow, that’s pretty pathetic on google’s part. i hope people don’t use the translator for anything too serious…

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