Stock market highlights and investment advice

Stock market highlights and investment advice
> Stock strategies to earn more on booming markets > PREMIER INFORMATION “PIFR” > > Climbs 100% plus since its IPO, just signing an agreement with TOP 10 > in-surancee company in US (AccuQuote). > The company is pleased and proud to be working with a wide range of > clients that includes in-surancee industry leaders Transamerica > In-surancee and John Hancock In-surancee, as well as leading online > in-surancee br0ker AccuQuote. > We Do Not See this slowing down, watch out this st0ck go crazy tomorrow. > This is a Must Watch. > Save nerves and funds with reliable stock recommendations > > PREMIER INFORMATION (PIFR) > A U.S. based company offers specialized information management serices to > both the In surancee and Healthcare Industries. The services we provide > are specific to each industry and designed for quick response and maximum > security. > > Current Price: .47 > > > Is this an Undiscovered Gem that is Positioned to Go Higher? P|easee R e > a d the Following Announcement in its Entirety and Consider the > Possibilities… Watch This One Trade Tomorrow! > > Premier Information Management, Inc. (PIFR), an emerging provider of > information management services to the In-surancee and Healthcare > industries, announced today that the company is providing information > procurement and data migration services to several of the Top Twenty > In-surancee Gr0ups, ranked according to the number of individual term life > in-surancee policies issued by industry providers in 2004. (NAIC > In-surancee Industry Data) > “We are pleased and proud to be working with a wide range of clients that > includes in-surancee industry leaders Transamerica In-surancee and John > Hancock In-surancee, as well as leading online i-nsurancee br0ker > AccuQuote,” said Tom Miller, CEO of Premier Information. “We want to > continue to stay focused on growing our core business, refining our > operation model, and introducing new integrating technologies that help > move our clients to more efficient, cost effective and secure business > processes.” > > Premier Information procures sensitive health information from medical > providers as authorized from proposed claimants or their legal > representatives, then utilizes Premier’s patent-pending, proprietary > PiImageX(TM) application to electronically transmit the information to the > requesting in-surancee carrier and/or their registered broker/agents. > PiImageX(TM) was developed specifically to increasee efficiencies > associated with underwriting and claim processing by reducing record > retrieval turnaround times by as much as 40%, cutting costs, increasing > security and redefining the way mission critical information is being > digitally transmitted in the in-surancee and healthcare industries. > PiImageX(TM) is a proprietary rules-based application containing efficient > workflow solutions that create an “assembly line” information management > system for customized file conversions, index file scripting, encryption > methodologies and simultaneous transmissions across various protocols to > multiple en d users. > These partnerships specifically allow Premier to obtain personal health > information, as governed by the Health In-surancee Portability and > Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), and other applicable state laws and > regulations. > > Global HealthCare Market Undergoing Digital Conversion Premier is an > emerging provider of information management solutions to the global health > care market, an industry that generates in excess of $2 tri||i0n a year. > As of year-end 2005, the health care industry consumed an astonishing > 17.9% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product making Healthcare and related > industries a market of staggering size with tremendous growth potential > for all of its participants. > The health-care and in-surancee industries are undergoing a digital > conversion and fast becoming businesses based on the transfer, storage and > management of information. Premier’s ability to procure, host and control > the flow of sensitive, health information accurately, securely and > efficiently through its suite of patent pending software applications is > what distinguishes Premier from its competitors in this multi-bi||i0n > d0||ar industry. > Premier is extremely well positioned to take advantage of growth > opportunities within the burgeoning healthcare and in-suranceemarkets. The > demand for Premier’s services is strong, recent industry data estimates > that cost saavings for in-surancee companies and healthcare providers who > invest in new technologies and management services range from $45 bi||i0n > to $100 bi||i0n on an industry-wide basis. > Unbiased stock strategies and information from experts > Booming stock markets explained with ready strategies > >

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