Fight for some URLs that interest you?

Found some interesting examples on situation where

1. You own some trademark or terms that related to you

2. You try to register the URL

3. The URL already registered by other party

What do you do?

Here are two examples:
1. The domain name at issue is “50PLUS.COM”, registered with Network
Solutions Inc. (“NSI”).

2. The Complainant is Fifty Plus Media Corporation, Mountain View, CA,
USA (“Complainant”). The Respondent is Digital Income, Canada
1. The domain name at issue is , registered with Tucows.

2. Complainant is Seaway Bolt & Specials Corp., Columbia Station, OH,
USA (“Complainant”). Respondent is Digital Income Inc., Penticton, BC,
CANADA (“Respondent”)

In both cases, Digital Income wins…

So a note to myself: register before its too late!

By steve

Steve, Internet Peon on his journey to become a mogul. Like technology, nerd things (programming) and gadgets.

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