Best Website Hosting Plan for Me So Far

Exabytes is the current web hosting company that I used to host my network of websites (current total is 7).It have been a wonderful experience for my (compared to my previous “cheap” hosting company) because of few advantages that Exabytes provides.

Something important in choosing a good webhosting company. Let me tell you, it is nothing more frustrated than find out your sites are down for whole day (which means NO INCOMES!) and your hosting company didn’t inform you of the downtime.

That was what happened to me on my first webhosting company.

Since I switched to Exabytes on June 2006, not once, did my sites facing any major downtimes. Few scheduled server maintainance downtime (few minutes) and I have never lose any income due to unscheduled downtimes.

The packages that I am using currently is Exabytes EBiz3. It is one of the most suitable plan for me:

  • 15 GB harddisk
  • 15 add-on domains (all together 16 included a free domain throw in, sweet 😉
  • Unlimited sub domain
  • Unlimited mail-box
  • cPanel – install WordPress, 4Images, Drupal, some 50+ major PHP/MySQL opensource systems)
  • PHP 5, mySQL 4
  • GD Graphic Library
  • Windows Media/ Real Media http streaming.
  • and most important : 99.9% network uptime! and 99.5% server uptime!
  • Top up with 30days money back guarantee.. I found that it is one of the better deals you can get. Believe me, I did my research.

    Now, come to another important factor, price:

    Web Hosting Plans EBiz 1 EBiz 2 EBiz 3
    Detailed Pricing
    Paid 2 years (Best Value!) $3.65 / month
    Free Setup
    $5.65 / month
    Free Setup
    $7.65 / month
    Free Setup
    Paid yearly $4.65 / month
    Free Setup
    $6.65 / month
    Free Setup
    $8.65 / month
    Free Setup
    Paid semiannually $5.65 / month
    Free Setup
    $8.65 / month
    Free Setup
    $11.65 / month
    Free Setup
    Paid quarterly $6.65 / month
    Free Setup
    $9.65 / month
    Free Setup
    $12.65 / month
    Free Setup
    Paid monthly $7.65 / month
    $10.00 Setup
    $10.65 / month
    $10.00 Setup
    $13.65 / month
    $10.00 Setup

    And don’t take my word for it. Here are what other people think of Exabytes webhosting plan.

  • Good respond time and uptime especially their livechat.

    Have been with other hosting provider before this and my previous provider is too slow in respond time and down time is too high. Exabytes? is totally different from my previous hosting provider. They are everything much better then my previous hosting provider. Jamiht Hitrewa from Indonesia

  • I do not have great knowledge on how to build a blog and even how to maintain it. I once have a problem regarding my wordpress plugin and exabytes support help me with it, even when their service only should cover the hosting part. I am really impress with their support superb service, I just need to wait email from them and WALA… my problem in GONE.

    Syia (Wan Syahirah)

  • Thank you very much. You guys support is EXCELLENT. Please say thank you to CHAN for hiring great staffs like you guys. World Class Support Team!

    Francis Lui

    If you want to make serious money online, make sure that you are using the best webhosting plan. For me, Exabytes is highly recommended because of its excellent server uptime, prompt and friendly customer support, good pricing with free domain and the generous server space and good throughput.

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