Cracking Sound on My Fridge

Recently my National single door fridge is making such a loud cracking
sound. The sound will come out randomly, maybe every few hours.

Tried find on the Net on the possible causes and solution.

Note to self:
Three of the most common fridge noise makers are the evaporator fan
motor, condenser fan motor and the defrost timer. The evaporator fan
motor is in the freezer section. Often when the freezer door is opened,
the noise will get louder. The condenser fan motor is at the back bottom
of the fridge. The defrost timer can be found in several different
spots, at the back of the fridge, inside the fridge or under at the
front are some common areas to find the defrost timer. Do not attempt to
oil any of these parts, replacing them is the best option.

When the refrigerator cools to the correct temperature, when cooling
coils expand or contract, or when relays activate to control
refrigerator components, you can hear these sounds. It is not defect.
So, feel free to use it.

Last night my refrigerator was making a loud noise (kind of a
squeaking). This morning it was quiet again, but when I returned from
work I realized that the temperature in the refrigerator was rising and
my food in the freezer was soft. It is continuously blowing and clicking
noise is made periodically. What can it be? Is it time for a new fridge?
Thanks for your help.

No, not time for a new one yet, sounds like the condenser fan or the fan
in the freezer is worn out. Either one can be replaced at a reasonable
cost, by yourself or a technician. Where I live in Canada, the entire
job costs less than $100 total.

Note: The way this fan first caused a noise, then stopped and caused a
meltdown, is very typical. how? send to repair or buy a new one? Maybe a two doors version?
I will be able to store more ice-cream in two door fridge and it will
not get soft too soon..

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