Automatic Source Of Income

My network of websites automatically generate income for me for the past
few days, without any new updates. I do not have broadband access at my
home town and dialup slow as snail as always.

If you wonder why a blog with no updates for few days still attracted
visitors, well, it wasn’t. My main source of income comes from
content-based sites which are highly keyword targeted and main source of
visitors are from Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.

There are different models when come to build your websites, each model
has its pluses and minuses. A blog requires continuous updates, or your
visitors will get bored. The plus is there are many blogging systems
that provide easy setup and writing blogs, such as WordPress and Drupal.

For content-based sites, no continuous updates needed, you can setup
your site in 1 week time and if it hit the right spot, it will continue
to help you generate income for the whole year. Of course, I am not
saying that no need to update your sites at all, but the rate of
updating for content-based sites is much lower than for blog sites.

Stay tune for the next part of the article, where I will explain in
details on how to setup your network of content-based sites.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

By steve

Steve, Internet Peon on his journey to become a mogul. Like technology, nerd things (programming) and gadgets.

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