More on Intel Processor Pricing

Continue from my previous post, i found also the pricing for intel processors

Intel Processor Price list

Intel Price List

From the price list above, we can see the price for both core duo and core 2 duo processors.

T2300 (1.66G) same price as T2400 (1.83G) also same for T5600 (1.83G) = USD241

T2500 (2G) same price for T7200 (2G, but with extra 2MB L2 cache) = usd 294

The rest see for yourself… My point is, why is it so? Why dell, compaq and acer selling core 2 duo notebook much higher than core duo notebook, while the prices are the same for processors with same speed but different generation? Is this a normal practice in pc industry?

Gimme my core 2 duo, suckers!

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