New Firefox Update

Another release of Firefox, the browser that I am currently using. I cannot stress more on the advantages of Firefox over Internet Explorer.

Firefox is MUCH MUCH faster that IE in displaying webpage.

IE is such a lame program that it simply copy Firefox’s tab function. Hello Bill, no more idea issit?

So many plugins and add-ons for Firefox users to choose from, including some that I am using now:

Adsense Notifier
Alexa Bar
Faster Fox
Deepest Sender (the editor that I am using to post this blog into my site)
One Click Downthemall

and many more. I like the idea of plugins and add-ons because users can add in the functionality that they like and need into Firefox without request and begging for the lame asses M$ to adding to IE.

By steve

Steve, Internet Peon on his journey to become a mogul. Like technology, nerd things (programming) and gadgets.

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