Static Charge is Dangerous to Your Notebook!


东芝、富士通、NEC和惠普的5个型号笔记本电脑日前被浙江省工商局责令停止销售。这5款笔记本电脑因静电放电抗扰度、辐射骚扰和浪涌抗扰度(抗雷击)等指标未达标,被判定为不合格产品。   毛衣静电火花 可能让电脑死机   冬天人们穿毛衣或腈纶面料的衣服,因天气干燥摩擦时可能放出静电火花,而这个静电火花的电压,足以让静电放电抗扰不达标的笔记本电脑死机。被判定不合格的5款笔记本电脑,有4款出现静电放电抗扰度不达标,这是出现最多的质量问题.

Wah, fortunately we do not have autumn here. However, static charge are dangerous especially if you are filling up petrol in petrol station, because I have watch a video showing how static charge from a girl ignite a fire when she was filling up her car.

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