Free Wireless Internet In Malaysia

Free Internet access in Malaysia? Well, that has been the case for Internet users in Ipoh.

Then another interesting news comes out: a user has been ‘hogging’ the free wireless internet access 24×7 for the last two months.

Now the company that in charge of the free internet access in Ipoh, Red Snapper (M) Sdn Bhd is compiling the data to try to trace the said user.

My question is: what for?! If it is FREE, why can’t the user keep using it continuously? Compiling the data just as an excuse to show the Ministry that you are a loser company that do not know how to limit usage (or bandwidth throttle). If you want to do throttling, ask TMNet lor, they are expert in this.

Malaysian companies are such clueless in their acts. I mean, what are you trying to achieve here? You collect the user usage data ( I presume MAC address or IP address) then what you want to do with it? You want to analyst it? You want to do something with that user? What? It is free mah, free oso cannot use, then tell me what to do so that I will do exactly what you want lar.


One man hogging wireless Internet free service 24 hours a day:

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