Ribena Vitamin C Levels Not Up To Level

Want to take your Ribena for its vitamin C? Think twice because an experiment by two young school girls shows that the advertised value in Ribena is not as high as it claims.

The students – now 17 – decided in mid-2004 to test the vitamin C levels of their favourite juices, including Ribena, Just Juice and Arano, for a school project.

They calculated that each 100ml of Ribena contained about 22mg of vitamin C.

Just Juice products contained levels of about 72mg.

GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Ribena admitted that its cartoned Ready To Drink Ribena, which it claimed had 7mg of Vitamin C per 100ml, in fact had no detectable Vitamin C content.

I wonder whether Vitamin C is this expensive, until they take the risk to do this kind of things. Or maybe just accident, ei, lab researchers/QC in GSK, what you do during work? Sleeping issit? drink too much Ribena until no more Vitamin C oso dunno issit?

However hor, this is what GSK Malaysia and Singapore said:

Akhil Chandra, Managing Director, Malaysia & Singapore for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare, has issued the following:

GSK Malaysia has conducted thorough laboratory testing of Vitamin C levels in Ribena. This testing has confirmed that Ribena in Malaysia contain the stated levels of Vitamin C, as described on product labels.

GSK would like to reassure its consumers in Malaysia that the issues discussed with the ACCC and NZCC only affects certain Ribena products in Australia and New Zealand.

Well, we will have to take their words for now. So to all you brand conscious, do not believe in ads 100%, take everything with a little bit of salt. In mandarin: 半信半疑

Ribena-maker fined $217,500 for misleading vitamin C ads – 27 Mar 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news:

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