Malacca Umbai Medan Ikan Bakar

Went to Malacca Umbai Medan Ikan Bakar. The place is on the way from Malacca Town to Jasin/Muar. Coming from Malacca, look for Esso petrol station on your left. The medan ikan bakar is just opposite of the station.

Since it was the start of school holiday, quite a crowd were there when we reach at the place.

Parking is RM1 per car per entry. New thing for me since the last 2 times I went there, I just park along the kampung road before the medan.

The were 12 stalls numbered from…well, 1 to 12. That were the older stalls. As you walk by the stalls, the operators will wow you and try to get you to try their stalls. As to which stall to choose from, no idea since everyone look the same for me. So eat at the one you like.

Instead we walk to a new stall by the sea side. Great view and big crowd so we thought the food will be ok there.. emm..

Here is what we ordered.

Ikan Pari Bakar Sos Cili. Sauce is abit of the spicy side. Fish is fresh but abit burn out, though.
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We ordered coconut juice. Refreshing.

La la masak cili sauce. Sauce is blend and too many shell. So so I would say. Nasi Lemak is ok. I ate 3 packs.

Great Sea View from the medan ikan bakar.

Noobs ordering seafoods. Not so many choices tho..You got the change to examine the fish prior to weight it. Then you can ask for the price. Good for budgeting.

The two noobs manning the stall.

The spicy chili sauce with lime. Nice but too little.

Queue Up to pay.See the crowd behind? Pouring in on-stop.

Ikan Merah Bakar. Emm.. Abit dry and the underside was burn out a bit. But if eat with the sauce, ok lar. Notice the number “28”? Nice ar!

Ikan bakar and otak otak Muar. The otak-otak is drier than from what we usually eat. Taste wise ok lar.

Stop by to the Petronas petrol station for a leak.

Sorry if the pictures are not in order. Still not feeling well from cold. In the whole the ikan bakar and food are so-so. One good thing is the sea view and windy sea breeze. And chance to get together with friends is priceless. Wait til our next food adventure.

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