Pair your PSP with a PS2 Controller?

PSP fans, here is how you can mod a PS2 controller with your PSP.

A nice idea but then you can’t put your PSP in your pocket anymore… hmm.. the price to pay for bragging?


Human Sized Gundam Replica


Gundam fans will die for this kind of stuff..It is a really good addition to Gundam fans collection.

Unfortunately the price is 332 381 Japanese yen = 2 831.90764 US$

MARU Family


Migrating from Windown XP to Windows Vista?

Microsoft has been so nice to its user knowing that migrating from Windows XP to Windows Vista is not an easy task.

Thats why they come out with Windows Easy Transfer. Basically it is a tool to make your work easier to transfer/copy your files, photos, music, email, settings, and more to your new Windows Vista based PC.

Windows Easy Transfer supports the following operating systems:
1) Windows XP SP2 to Windows Vista
2) Windows Vista to Windows Vista

Windows Easy Transfer supports transfers via any one of the following methods:
1) USB Easy Transfer Cable
2) Network connection
3) Removable media (such as a USB flash drive or external hard disk)
4) CD or DVD

Download details: Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP:


For network admin: Windows Vista Hardware Assessment

If you are a network administrator, you will need this tool to help you assess all the pc in your network whether they are capable to be upgraded to windows vista.

from Microsoft website:

The Windows Vista Hardware Assessment is a tool that will find computers on a network and perform a detailed inventory of the computers using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). Through use of the detailed inventory data, the tool will assess and report whether the computers can run Windows Vista, where to find drivers for devices on the computers, and provide recommendations for hardware upgrades, where appropriate.

The Windows Vista Hardware Assessment tool does not require the deployment of agent software on the computers being inventoried and assessed. It provides a secure, quick, and easy way to determine which computers, in a networked environment, are Windows Vista ready.

Download details: Windows Vista Hardware Assessment:


Lenovo recalling battery for its notebooks

Lenovo Has Exploding Battery Problem, Announces Recall | Gear Digest:

If you are using any R60, R60e, T60, T60p, Z60m, Z61e, Z61m and Z61p series notebooks and using the 9-cell battery packs with the part number FRU P/N 92P1131, your notebook battery may explode.

While you wait for your replacement battery you switch off your machine, remove the battery and only operate it on AC power, and customers shouldn’t use any battery packs not provided by Lenovo or one of their resellers

For USA  Users – A battery recall site

International users: find their support number here


Sent My Notebook To Repair

Sorry for not updating a frequent as usual. My notebook suddenly cannot be started and was sent to HP service center for repair.

I am using one of the two spare desktop pc. Yes, I am a nerd and I have  3 computers with me, one notebook and two pc.

Unfortunately, only one pc is working now, as the other pc, an AMD duron 750 is in the state of no return, intermittently shut down and having problem starting up most of the time.

The working pc, an Intel P3 866 is working with only 256MB of RAM. it barely start Windows XP and alot of harddisk page file swapping happen in the background.

I have to slowly install the software that I need one by one. Just for record, here is the software list:

storm player
win rar
thunder download
avg antivirus
search n destroy

To avoid similar problem of wasting time to reinstall all the software needed, I plan to put the software and utilities in a 4GB USB flash drive, using portable apps mobile software interface. hmm.. perhaps 4GB isn’t enough, a 2.5′ external notebook harddisk with 60GB space perhaps.

Cost of cheapest 4GB USB flash drive – Kingston Data traveller 2.0: RM105
Maxtor 60GB 2.5′ notebook harddisk -RM 175

From price/space ration wise, 2.5′ harddisk provides most bang for money, as well as speed wise, but usb flash drive does provide more mobility being smaller and no need for extra usb cable. decision.. decision..

Perhaps I’ll get both 😉


Thinking of Buying a *ahem* Laptop? Think Twice!

This is another video (taken live) showing how scammers trick a laptop buyer.

So if you are thinking of buying *ahem* cheap laptop from a stranger from some forums or auction sites, think twice. Do not assume, check with your eyes.

At least keep your eyes on the items and DOUBLE check before paying your money.


How to Steal A Laptop in Airport

A nice and cleaver video teaching us on how to steal a laptop (or not getting your laptop steal).

So next time you are in an airport, or anyplace else, never let your laptop get out of you sight, even for 1 second! These are experts suckers, so beware..

One thing that I can think of is to make your laptop bags more personalized… a nice sticker, company logo, slogan will make your stuff look different from others. In the video they look for someone with a similar looking bags as their, so this will make the thief pass you and look for other victims.

YouTube – The Real Hustle – Laptop Theft:


Bluetooth Advertisement – Nice Diesel Ads.

While looking for bluetooth advertisement information, I found this nice Diesel ads.

Some thought on bluetooth ads.. free sending ads to all nearby bluetooth-enabled phones, sending advertisement images, video, sounds.

BlueCastingâ„¢ : + 44 [0] 870 350 7501:


Blog From Deepest Sender – deepest sender: screenshots:

Just installed Deepest Sender (a move from using post via email). Just testing it out if it meets my liking.

Blog via email is more convenient but unless I found the way to make the email text formatted nicely, I will have to try other solutions. Hope Deepest Sender can meet my requirement.

FYI, Deepest Sender is a plugin (.xpi) for Firefox, which means you can launch it by right-clicking from the Firefox browser itself. Nice for a lazy lamer like myself.

Let’s see how the text will format itself in this post 😉

main login window

Wow! drag and drop images also works! hehehe, a nice point added.

This is a link:, will it auto hyperlink? or I will try hyperlink it here:

Hey, and Deepest Sender supports categories as well, another plus point from plain old post by email.

Color text. Red, Blue, Yellow! Nice!