Ford Focus – Detail

The first thing we note about the Focus is that it turns eyes. Maybe it is because there are still so few units on the road, but I also suspect that its shape is so great. I agree, because it has been a long time since a nice hatch has been introduced, and a spokesman from Ford confirms that the 2.0 litre hatch is getting the bulk of the orders, and not the cheaper-priced 1.8 litre sedan version.
The look of the Focus 2.0 S is simply alluring. With the aggressive looking front, with the familiar and characteristic grille that is a carry-over from the previous Focus, you cannot mistake the Focus for any other car. The one we tested was a white one, and everybody unanimously agreed that this colour is the best of the lot. The hatchback design makes the Focus stand out amongst the crowd; every other car you are likely to see on the road would be in sedan form, and by default, this makes the Focus a refreshing sight. My lady tester said she would buy the Focus 2.0 S just on its looks alone.
Inside, the seats are large enough to accommodate even large sized adults. This car is designed for Europe (and sold all over the world), and this means that even tall people would have no problem. For the driver, the seat has height adjustment in addition to the normal sliding mechanism. To get the ideal driving position is a cinch because the steering wheel has reach adjustment in addition to height adjustability. Vertically challenged people may, however, encounter some problems reaching the pedals on account of the seat height, which, at the lowest point is at least an inch higher than conventional cars. Anyway, you only have to worry if your height is less than 4 feet 9 inches, as our very petite lady driver just made it.

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