Mercedes S Class S Guard Bulletproof

Good news for our millionaire readers! Now you can order a bulletproof Mercedes S-Class. Named the S-Guard, the armoured special protection features are built into the cars while they are on the Mercedes assembly line in Sindelfingen, Germany. The armoured package is claimed to offer ??an unsurpassed level of protection?? against terrorist attacks and the threat of violent crime.
The S-Guard is a continuation of Mercedes-Benz??s more than 80 years of developing and building special protection vehicles. The main elements that are reinforced are the roof lining, bulkheads, doors, rear wall, and side components. Of course these extra elements will increase the weight of the car considerably, and Mercedes-Benz have taken the necessary steps to ensure the quality is not compromised. Having the protective elements put in at the assembly stage also ensures a more comprehensive coverage of vulnerable areas, including areas that would otherwise have been impossible to gain access to if the protection was retro-fitted. This system also ensures that there is virtually no reduction in the interior space.
>From the exterior, there is hardly any indication of any protective features, keeping the car discrete. This is a point that will be highly valued by prominent figures who wish to travel with protection but without broadcasting it to the world.
The S-Guard series is based on the S600 that has a 12-cylinder bi-turbo engine developing 380kW (517bhp). Even with the additional weight, the engine has ample reserves to give the heavier car enough grunt to get out of trouble if need be. The standard features such as ABS, Brake Assist-plus, and Distronic are retained.

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