Motorola V3

The thinnest clamshell phone on the market – less than 14mm wide and made of aircraft-grade titanium. But still including features such as Bluetooth, dual displays, a built-in digital camera and an MPEG4 video player. Its a quad-band phone and uses a mini USB connection for syncing data to your PC or laptop.
The Motorola V3 is the latest clamshell mobile phone from Motorola – a titanium phone, with exceptional design concepts immediately obvious. Only 14mm wide, the V3 isnt just about style – it still manages to pack cutting-edge features into its diminutive frame. With a crystal clear 176×220 pixel 65k colour main display, and a 4096-colour external display, the V3 continues Motorolas tradition of producing outstanding mobile displays. These come into play when you take into account the VGA-quality integrated digital camera, and the ability to capture and playback MPEG4 video.
Connectivity consists of Bluetooth and miniUSB for short-range communications, and full WAP and Java for internet-based communications. The V3 also sounds as good as it looks, with both polyphonic and MP3 ringtones, and the ability to play back MP3s. With 5.5MB of internal memory, the V3 has plenty of room for all the data or media you wish to store on it.

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