SANS Institute Gateway Asia 2006, Singapore 14-19 August 2006

SANS Institute Gateway Asia 2006, Singapore 14-19 August 2006
============================ SANS Gateway Asia 2006 Featuring: A) SECURITY 401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style B) SECURITY 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling
14-19 August 2006, Singapore ============================ Download Brochure- Visit the Official Website- ==================================================================================== Dear Colleagues, Please join us as we present SANS Gateway Asia 2006 in Singapore on August14th-19th! We are partnering with Fusion Frontier Pte Ltd to present two ofSANS most popular courses: ?Security 401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style ?Security 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling With attackers leveraging huge numbers of hosts to overwhelm common defensemechanisms it is vital that we defend our organization?s resources andnetworks. This means being educated about current threats andvulnerabilities and how to combat them. Let SANS help you get up to speedfast! In Security 401, Bob Hillery will cover the survival skills an informationsecurity team member needs. This program prepares you for GSEC certificationand helps accelerate your career in security. Security 401 is also arequirement for the MSISE advanced degree from the SANS TechnologyInstitute. In Security 504, George Bakos will teach you to detect malicious code andrespond on the fly. You?ll learn how your networks appear to hackers, howthey gain access with special emphasis on the newer attack vectors, and whatthey do when they get in ?especially in manipulating the system to hidetheir work. You?ll master the proven six-step process of incident handlingso you are prepared to be the technical leader of the incident handlingteam. This course prepares you for GCIH certification and is a requirementfor both the MSISE and MSISM advanced degrees from the SANS TechnologyInstitute Classes will be held at the Swiss?tel Merchant Court Hotel Singapore wherespecial hotel rates have been arranged for SANS attendees. Convenient tothe airport and transit, close to Singapore?s best attractions, and locatedalong the banks of the Singapore River ?you?re sure to enjoy your stay hereand get the most out of your training! So join us in the battle for a secure global Internet community byregistering today for SANS Gateway Asia 2006! We guarantee that you willreturn to work with practical, relevant knowledge and skills you can useimmediately to secure your organization?s critical resources. Discounts areavailable for early registration, so don?t delay! We?ll see you in Singapore! Kind regards, Stephen Northcutt President SANS Technology Institute =================================== PRICING ======= Course Fee: – Early Bird Discount(Limited to first 10 participants) register and paybefore 14 May 2006 – S$5,400 – Register and pay before 14 May 2006 – S$5,650 – Register and pay after 14 May 2006 – S$5,950 Exam Fee: – S$600 (Applcable to those attending the training only) TRAINING GRANT ============== Please contact us for more information. ENQUIRY ======= Email mailto:[email protected] or call +65 93837726 for moreinformation. REGISTRATION ============ Please register online at SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ========================= Wish to reach out to hundreds of pure IT security professionals andmanagers? SANS Gateway Asia 2006 offers you the opportunity to promote your productsand services to security professionals who will evaluate and recommend your solutions to thedecision makers. If there’s someone interested in what you have to offer, these are thefolks. A range of sponsorship opportunities are available for this event. mailto:[email protected] for details. —————————————————– This is an email from Fusion Frontier, a legitimate business entity. Youremail has been either provided to us from a commercial database provider oryou may have request for information related to the above from our company.Should you wish to be removed from our mailing list, just reply to this mailand indicate ‘Remove’ on the subject line or send your request tomailto:[email protected]. Thank you.

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