Follow Up Calls to Harvey Norman Regarding HP My Notebook

I sent my HP notebook to Harvey Norman on Monday, up to now (Friday), still no calls from those guys, ya… another “good” service from such a big company.

Anyway, after the incident on Tuesday (read Call from HP Service Center Regarding My Notebook » Internet Technology Blog|Gadgets|Reviews|Hypes|News), I still haven’t any calls from both Harvey Norman and HP service center regarding my “suspected mishandled” notebook, I decided to call Harvey Norman to find out the outcome.

1.25pm – no one pickup

1.40pm – no one pickup too

2.10pm – finally someone pickup, after giving my service form number, still no news from HP service center. I told the guy on the Tuesday incident, they promised to call HP center to find out (I can’t deal with HP directly, my extended warranty was bought from Harvey Norman)

3.00 pm – No calls yet.

Well, seems like I will have to make more calls next week, well done for the ‘good’ customer service, making the customers chasing after you is a surely a smart move in improving your business in the future, keep it going…

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