Eats not fat sweets DIY: The small wheat straw egg flogs

Many people all like eating the sweets, the health is in particular beneficial eats not the fat sweets! This introduction is the small wheat straw egg flogs for everybody â–¡â–¡
The small wheat straw is the natural plant, it includes 100 kind of above each nutrition ingredient, nearly is the matter which the human life needs it all has. The usual people are join the small wheat straw in the soup, also some people stir the juice to drink, you may know the small wheat straw also may make the delicacy delicious sweets? “The small wheat straw egg flogged”is taken to the threshing ground! The delicacy sweets small wheat straw egg makes which“with the small wheat straw flogs”.

·The egg flogs the skin needed materials

The butter 250 grams white sugar 140 grams bread flour 480 grams (sieve) the egg 1 small wheat straw powder 10 grams (to sieve)

·Skin procedure

(1) the butter, the white sugar, the small wheat straw powder, the bread flour pours into in food mixer, is even by the low speed mix;

(2) joins the egg in addition, 攪打 becomes all mixtures 麵團;

(3) puts in 麵團 in the model, presses out many 圓模麵團, is ready to be used.

·Stuffing needed materials

The water 450 milliliters white sugar 175 gram blue pigment little (coca may not add) the egg 5 fresh milks 60 milliliter fresh small wheat straw juice 50 milliliters

·Stuffing procedure

(1) first boils together the water and the white sugar, after the flameout, joins the blue pigment and the small wheat straw juice, mixes evenly, treats coolly;

(2) gently scatters the egg, joins the fresh milk, 攪打 is even, again joined already the cool small wheat straw juice, mixed evenly, after filters, admitted in the refrigerator to cool;

(3) will cool the small wheat straw mixture pours into has arranged 圓模in 麵團, dries 30 minutes by 200 degree Celsius namely to become.

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