The Favor Is Satisfied

Only winter melon–450 grams;
Hu Lo? ball, □□ball, pumpkin ball, sweet potato ball–each 90 grams;
Fruit of the Chinese wolfberry–7 grams;
Element soup, Chinese flowering quince juice, salt–respectively right amount;

Step â–¡:
After 1. winter melons cleans is clean, peels off and the fruit pulp;
2. uses the mold to engrave Cheng T’aohsing the household utensils, steams ripely after the salty salt system spare;
After 3. Hu Lo? the ball, â–¡â–¡the ball, the pumpkin ball, the sweet potato ball separately steams ripely, puts in the winter melon household utensils;
4. burns slightly the pot the heat, puts in the element soup and the Chinese flowering quince juice, after then joins the right amount salt to blend flavors thickens soup;
5. 芡the juice will drench into in the winter melon household utensils, again 灑 on the fruit of the Chinese wolfberry namely will complete.

Uses the entire vegetarian diet the food material, the taste delicate fragrance is elegantly simple.

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