The Tomato Billows Inundate

Tomato–3 grains;
Egg–3 grains;
Soybean oil–50 grams;
Refined salt, soy sauce, sesame oil–respectively right amount;
The black pepper powder, the sesame seed powder (dry cultivates), the green onion–right amount respectively;
Bread flour, starch–respectively right amount;

Step â–¡:
1. the soy sauce, the sesame seed powder, the black pepper powder, at the end of the green onion and the sesame oil puts in the bowl, stirs Cheng Tzuchih to be ready to be used;
2. tomatoes wash cleanly, burns slightly with boiling water Sichuan, then goes to Pi Hoti, the slice, after 灑 on little bread flour spare;
3. infiltrates the egg white soaks in the juice, again joins the bread flour and the starch, stirs Cheng Huzhuang;
4. under the oil and burns the heat toward the pot in, will stain 麵糊 the tomato piece will put into the pot by the piece fries in oil;
5. explodes golden yellow to when bails out controls the oil, on the plate decoration namely completes.

The tomato includes the rich nutrition, uses for 酥炸 a flavor.

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