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Funny Translation by Google

Saw this joke about funny translation by Google on DigitalPoint forum.

You can try the following on Google Translation .
Here is it:-

Pls do it right now & SEE the blunder made by google.

1. Open google
2. click ‘language tools’ link.
3. Write “Aishwarya’s mom is very nice” in ‘Translate text:’ textbox.
4.Select “English to Spanish” in the below combo.
5. Press Translate and wait for translation.
6. Now copy the translated text from the above text and paste it in the ‘Translate text:’ textbox.
7. Select “Spanish to English” in the below combo.
8. Press Translate and wait for translation.
9. Enjoy.

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Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998

Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 is something that every webmaster should know about, especially we bloggers 😉

Here is some words from EFF website.Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998

Congress enacted section 1201 in response to two pressures. Congress was responding to the perceived need to implement obligations imposed on the U.S. by the 1996 World Intellectual Property Or–ganization (WIPO) Copyright Treaty. Section 1201, however, went further than the WIPO treaty required.[2] The details of section 1201, then, were a response not just to U.S. treaty obligations, but also to the concerns of copyright owners that their works would be widely pirated in the networked digital world.[3]

Section 1201 contains two distinct prohibitions: a ban on acts of circumvention, and a ban on the distribution of tools and technologies used for circumvention.

The first prohibition, set out in section 1201(a)(1), prohibits the act of circumventing a technological measure used by copyright owners to control access to their works (“access controls”). So, for example, this provision makes it unlawful to defeat the encryption system used on DVD movies. This ban on acts of circumvention applies even where the purpose for decrypting the movie would otherwise be legitimate. As a result, when Disney’s Tarzan DVD prevents you from fast-forwarding through the commercials that preface the feature presentation, efforts to circumvent this restriction would be unlawful.

Dmca: The Digital Millenium Copyright Act


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The Next Big Thing – No More

This news about The Next Big Thing comes from IBM’s Executive Vice President:-

Nicholas Donofrio, Big Blue’s executive vice president of innovation and technology, made the provocative declaration Tuesday in an interview with ZDNet Asia. He was in Singapore for the Infocomm International Advisory Panel’s first gathering, organized by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.

“If you’re looking for the next big thing, stop looking.”

— Nicholas Donofrio, IBM

Donofrio said: “The fact is that innovation was a little different in the 20th century [than it is today]. It’s [now] not easy to come up with greater and different things.” “If you’re looking for the next big thing, stop looking. There’s no such thing as the next big thing,” he added.

It is quite sad hearing about this from someone in the field of innovation and technology. But sincerely, I do not think so.

The Next Big Thing


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How To Be More Sociable – in Blogging

How to be more sociable in blogging means giving easier way for your blog readers to share the piece of information that they enjoy. Readers will like to have ways to share with outhers likemind people on things they like while reading blogs.

So here come the much likable and sociable plugin,

Sociable: Quick Social Bookmarking Plugin for WordPress

A ’sociable’ is analgous to having a party. A sociable is also what one might yell at a party/ bar on the east coast of Canada in order to get all his or her friends to raise their glass, yell “sociable!!!!” and then take a few slugs. You can also do this when being simply around easterners too. Try it with your friends, but do you really need an excuse to bring the glass to your lips?

And some screen shots:-

How to be more sociable image 1

Sociable Letters



Abandoned Insane Asylum

Abandoned Insane Asylum or Dixmont State Hospital aka Western Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane is quite a scary place to be.

The hospital opened in 1859 and was named after the social reformer Dorothea Dix. Dorothea was a soft-spoken crusader for the proper care and treatment of the mentally insane and chose the 400 acre site for the hospital. When it opened Dixmont had 140 beds, but during the latter part of the 1900’s the hospital was filled with over 1,000 patients ….

The Cramps - Live at Napa State Mental Hospital


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Japanese Carp Koi – Robotic Version

Japanese Carp Koi

Do you want to keep some Japanese Carp Koi but lack the time? Well, this is a good news.

“The robot is modeled after a Nishiki koi carp as a form of tribute to Hiroshima Castle (whose nickname Ri-jo means Koi Castle). The 80-cm (31-inch), 12-kg (26-pound) fish has a white body with bright red spots. Though the tail movement is very smooth and lifelike, the remote-controlled koi is capable of moves that a genuine koi is unable to perform, such as swimming in reverse and rotating in place.

The robot is Ryomei Engineering’s fifth in a line of fish robots that includes a sea bream, a prehistoric coelacanth, and a golden carp. New features added to the robotic koi include a CCD camera built into the head and sensors for analyzing water quality”

Rainbow Reef Koi

The source.

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Park Domain Versus Addon Domain

On my way to search for difference between Park Domain Versus Addon Domain, I found an interesting argument on SiteGround forum.

Some of the points being discussed are:-

“The purpose of the Parked domain Cpanel function is to allow the customer to have more than one domain name opening his/her website. This means that Parked Domains are not intende to be used to serve different content from the primary domain.

The Addon domain is the function that allows you to have more than one website hosted on one account.

Using Parked domains as Addon domains with the help of htaccess is not allowed on our servers.”

They also mentioned on using .htaccess to turn park domain into addon domain, which I am VERY interested now bacause I have used up all my 9 addon domains, and with unlimited park domain, I think this trick will help alot.

The source.

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How To Get Rid of Adsense PSA

If you are an Adsense publisher, you will sometimes see PSA on your website.

Here is an article from PCHere Blog explaining everything you should know about PSA.

Google adsense has become a very popular tool for making money from your site by showing advertisements. But sometimes you see PSA’s – better known as Public Service Ads on your pages. These ads are displayed because adsense has not been able to find suitable ads for your page. ”

Source here

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AlternateURL to Help You Make Income from Adsense PSA

AlternateURL is a website that provides a way for you to earn income from adsense PSA (Public Service Ads).

Here is what they say:

If you use Google AdSense or any another ad program to earn money from your website, now you can increase the amount of revenue you make automatically.

Most online ad programs, including Google, will sometimes show default ads, or public service announcements (PSAs) when they have no paying ads to show. This can happen for many reasons, especially when their ad code crawls your pages.

AlternateURL lets you replace those ads with paying ads. Just use the code we provide to replace your ad program’s default ads. “