Old Town White Coffee Review

Today I went to Old Town White Coffee to have lunch with my friend.

The food was so-so but the environment is very clean and comfortable.


Information Alert – Lousy Celcom Website

Information Alert

Status : 504 Gateway Time-Out

Description : Lost connection to origin server.

This is what I got when doing a simple site search using Celcom’ website.

Lost connectionto the origin server? Guess I am being connected to an
alien server instead. Moron Celcom


Nokia pcsuite connection to the phone lost

Why the hell Nokia PCSuite is such a buggy piece of shit? I dont under
stand.. Even 3rd party software (logomananer, MOBIMB)is better than that..

I just want to transfer few midi files to my phone, and the whole
process is disaster.. Can see the phone is Microsoft explorer but once i
click on it.. “Connection to the phone lost”.. OMG, this is really BAD!

Nokia, please make your software more user-friendly, after all, your
business is “Connection People”, the last time I heard..


Free Streamyx Wifi Access using Milo Tin?

Went to a wedding dinner yesterday. Was talking to a friend of mine. She
was talking about how to get free wifi internet access by using Milo
tin. Hmm. thats a good idea, means I can save RM77 every month for the
stupid TMNuts Streamyx….

So I plan to do some testing using information I found on the internet.
Some nerds are using Pringles can, some use canned food tin. I found one
that looks better, using parabolic shaped chinese cooking ware, USB WIFI
adapter and some tripod thing…

Will update on the free wifi stuff once I get them up and running…
stay tune


Low Hotel Rates in Malaysia or other places

A note to myself: check for lower hotel rates next
time when planning for vacations 😉

Wotif is quite a user-friendly site to check for discounted hotel rates.
Highly recommended.


Use USB Thumbdrive as Windows Virtual Memory?

Found a good info of using external USB memory thumbdrive as Windows
Virtual Memory.


Adding more memory to your laptop saves power by reducing Windows’
reliance on the virtual memory swap file on your hard disk. In Vista,
plugging in a USB memory stick that you can use for ReadyBoost
(supplementing system memory) can give you longer battery life – we’ve
seen up to 15-20 minutes longer life on a Toshiba tablet PC using a 2GB
USB stick.

Now thats another reason for me to try out Vista (minus all the fancy
graphic effects) when it comes out later…


GD library error.,Check module settings.

After I installed WAMP, my 4images shows “GD library error. Check module
settings.” error message.

Suspecting something to do with php.ini, I checked it out and found the


I remarked it and restart apache service.. hmm now 4images thumbnail
function work perfectly.


Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in E:\wamp\www\***

How to increase the Maximum execution time of 30 seconds?

Found it…. change your PHP.ini

max_execution_time = 30 ; Maximum execution time of each script, in

to whatever time in second of your choice.. I changed mine to 180

Remember to restart your apache services for the setting to take effect…


Call to undefined function: file_put_contents() Error

Found this error Call to undefined function: file_put_contents() while
updating my content grabbing module in a php file.

Tried lookup the Net and found that file_put_contents() are supported in
PHP 5 only, while the local JSAS system that I am using is php 4

Looks like time to update my local php4 to php5…


Fight for some URLs that interest you?

Found some interesting examples on situation where

1. You own some trademark or terms that related to you

2. You try to register the URL

3. The URL already registered by other party

What do you do?

Here are two examples:
1. The domain name at issue is “50PLUS.COM”, registered with Network
Solutions Inc. (“NSI”).

2. The Complainant is Fifty Plus Media Corporation, Mountain View, CA,
USA (“Complainant”). The Respondent is Digital Income, Canada
1. The domain name at issue is , registered with Tucows.

2. Complainant is Seaway Bolt & Specials Corp., Columbia Station, OH,
USA (“Complainant”). Respondent is Digital Income Inc., Penticton, BC,
CANADA (“Respondent”)

In both cases, Digital Income wins…

So a note to myself: register before its too late!