20 Tips to Reduce Vehicle Gas Usage

Here are the 20 Expert Tips 1. Drive smoothly – Aggressive driving can use as much as a third more fuel than safe driving*. Avoid accelerating or braking too hard and try to keep your steering as smooth as possible.
2. Use higher gears – The higher gear you drive in the lower your engine speed is, which can improve fuel efficiency. So change up a gear whenever you can, without labouring the engine.
3. Tune and service your engine – A well tuned engine can improve fuel economy by up to 4%**, so change your oil and follow your car manufacturer??s recommendation on servicing.
4. Keep your tyres at the right pressure ?C Correctly inflated tyres are safer and last longer. A tyre that is under inflated by just 1psi can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 3%**. An under or over inflated tyre is also more susceptible to failing.
5. Avoid carrying excess weight ?C For every extra 100 lbs (45 kg) you carry your fuel efficiency can drop by 1-2%*. So keep your boot or back seat clear of unnecessary items that just add weight to your vehicle.
6. Keep the windows closed – Wind blowing through an open window will slow you down. To compensate, you may put your foot down harder, using more fuel.
7. Take the roof rack off – If you??re not using your roof rack then remove it. They affect the aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle and create drag, reducing fuel economy by as much as 5%*.
8. Use the correct oil – Always use the recommended grade of motor oil. Using the manufacturer??s recommended lubricant can improve fuel efficiency by 1-2%**. Higher quality motor oils can also help your engine operate more efficiently.

9. Fuel Matters ?C All fuels are not created equal. Fuel economy is maximised in the engine through a combination of good driving habits and using the best fuel??one that helps reduce friction and improve cleanliness in the engine, thereby boosting fuel efficiency. The Taylors have chosen Shell fuel to power their world record attempt as a result of their own personal tests of several commercially-available fuels and their belief in Shell??s product quality and 50-year heritage of innovative fuels research and development.
10. Use cruise control – Using cruise control on major roads helps you maintain a constant speed and, in many cases, will improve fuel consumption.
11. Avoid excess idling – Idling gets you nowhere but still burns fuel. Turn the engine off when you??re in a queue, or waiting for someone, until you need it.
12. Plan trips carefully – Cutting down on the time spent in the car is the easiest way to conserve fuel. To reduce driving time, combine all your short trips and errands into a single journey.
13. Avoid over revving – Change gear in good time when you pull away or when you??re accelerating. Never ??redline?? the rev counter.
14. Avoid high speeds – The faster you go the more wind resistance you??ll encounter and the more fuel your vehicle will consume just to maintain speed. Driving just 5mph over the speed limit can affect fuel economy by up to 23%***.
15. Keep your distance – Leave a sensible distance between yourself and the car ahead to give you ample time to brake evenly.
16. Use air conditioning sparingly ?C Air conditioning puts added strain on the engine and uses fuel to operate, so limit use to particularly hot or cold days. On temperate days use the fan instead.
17. Check the air filters – Air filters keep impurities from damaging your engine. Replacing a clogged air filter can improve fuel economy by as much as 10%** and will help protect your engine.
18. Avoid rush hour – If you can travel outside of peak times, you??ll spend less time stuck in traffic and consume less fuel as a result.
19. Conserve momentum – Think ahead when you??re driving. For example, slow down early to let traffic lights change, rather than stopping completely, or speed up a little before you reach the foot of a hill.
20. Avoid small fuel fills ?C Fuel evaporates every time you open the fuel cap. To stop this, avoid repeatedly topping up your tank. Also check the seal on your fuel cap is airtight.


Mercedes S Class S Guard Bulletproof

Good news for our millionaire readers! Now you can order a bulletproof Mercedes S-Class. Named the S-Guard, the armoured special protection features are built into the cars while they are on the Mercedes assembly line in Sindelfingen, Germany. The armoured package is claimed to offer ??an unsurpassed level of protection?? against terrorist attacks and the threat of violent crime.
The S-Guard is a continuation of Mercedes-Benz??s more than 80 years of developing and building special protection vehicles. The main elements that are reinforced are the roof lining, bulkheads, doors, rear wall, and side components. Of course these extra elements will increase the weight of the car considerably, and Mercedes-Benz have taken the necessary steps to ensure the quality is not compromised. Having the protective elements put in at the assembly stage also ensures a more comprehensive coverage of vulnerable areas, including areas that would otherwise have been impossible to gain access to if the protection was retro-fitted. This system also ensures that there is virtually no reduction in the interior space.
>From the exterior, there is hardly any indication of any protective features, keeping the car discrete. This is a point that will be highly valued by prominent figures who wish to travel with protection but without broadcasting it to the world.
The S-Guard series is based on the S600 that has a 12-cylinder bi-turbo engine developing 380kW (517bhp). Even with the additional weight, the engine has ample reserves to give the heavier car enough grunt to get out of trouble if need be. The standard features such as ABS, Brake Assist-plus, and Distronic are retained.


Ford Focus – Detail

The first thing we note about the Focus is that it turns eyes. Maybe it is because there are still so few units on the road, but I also suspect that its shape is so great. I agree, because it has been a long time since a nice hatch has been introduced, and a spokesman from Ford confirms that the 2.0 litre hatch is getting the bulk of the orders, and not the cheaper-priced 1.8 litre sedan version.
The look of the Focus 2.0 S is simply alluring. With the aggressive looking front, with the familiar and characteristic grille that is a carry-over from the previous Focus, you cannot mistake the Focus for any other car. The one we tested was a white one, and everybody unanimously agreed that this colour is the best of the lot. The hatchback design makes the Focus stand out amongst the crowd; every other car you are likely to see on the road would be in sedan form, and by default, this makes the Focus a refreshing sight. My lady tester said she would buy the Focus 2.0 S just on its looks alone.
Inside, the seats are large enough to accommodate even large sized adults. This car is designed for Europe (and sold all over the world), and this means that even tall people would have no problem. For the driver, the seat has height adjustment in addition to the normal sliding mechanism. To get the ideal driving position is a cinch because the steering wheel has reach adjustment in addition to height adjustability. Vertically challenged people may, however, encounter some problems reaching the pedals on account of the seat height, which, at the lowest point is at least an inch higher than conventional cars. Anyway, you only have to worry if your height is less than 4 feet 9 inches, as our very petite lady driver just made it.


Pentax Digital Camera A10, T10, W10

PENTAX has released a number of new digital compact cameras, each of which offers something different.
Optio A10 A step up from the E10 is the Optio A10, which gives you a little more in terms of features, namely 8-megapixel resolution, a 38-114mm zoom lens, 2.5in LCD monitor, ISO settings from ISO50 to ISO800, and added autofocus and metering options.
However, the feature that stands out in the A10 is Pentax??s built-in optical Shake Reduction (SR) system, which uses digital gyro sensors to move the CCD to compensate for camera shake.
The camera is also video capable, and shoots up to a maximum resolution of 640 x 480pixels at 30 frames per second.
The camera uses SD cards for storage and also has 24MB of internal memory.
The Optio A10 retails for RM1,499.
Optio T10 At first glance, the Optio T10 looks like a regular compact digicam, but in fact, this little compact has an Ace up its sleeve ?C this camera has a 3.0in LCD monitor at the back which is touch-sensitive, allowing you to change settings and navigate the menus by tapping on the screen with your finger.
This touchscreen interface also introduces a new mode called My Drawing, which allows you to draw or write directly on a picture using the included stylus.
Other than the touch-sensitive screen, the camera has a lot of other features going for it, as it sports a 6-megapixel image sensor, a zoom lens equivalent to 37.5-112.5mm in 35mm film format, multi-segment as well as spot metering, ISO settings from ISO80 to ISO400, and a 19.5mm body that Pentax claims is one of thinnest in its class.
The camera uses SD memory cards and has 12MB of internal memory.
The Optio T10 is expected to hit stores in mid-April, but no price has been set as yet.
Optio W10 The Optio W10 is the latest update of Pentax??s water-resistant Optio WPi model, with a few minor upgrades to the features.
The W10 comes with a 6-megapixel sensor, a 38-114mm equivalent zoom lens, 2.5in LCD monitor, ISO settings from ISO64 to ISO800.
What??s new is that the camera??s video recording mode has now been updated to support video recording up to 640 x 480pixels at 30fps.
Another new feature is that the camera now supports Face Recognition Autofocus and auto exposure, which uses an algorithm to allow the camera to recognise people??s faces in the frame and automatically focus and adjust exposure.
The Optio W10 is still just as waterproof, and complies with the JIS class 8 waterproof rating, which means that you can immerse the camera in water up to 1.5 metres deep for up to 30 minutes.


Motorola C113 Cellphone

MOTOROLA’S solution for connecting the ??unconnected?? is the affordable C113, a dual band phone with basic features. But simplicity need not be boring, as the C113 comes preloaded with games to keep you entertained. Plus, if you really enjoy composing your own ringtones, the C113’s ringtone composer will come in handy.
It has an approximate talktime of 11.6 hours and standby time of 450 hours.
??This is the second time Motorola produced low-cost but desirable handsets that meet the needs of both operators and consumers in developing countries,?? said Eric Chong, Motorola Malaysia’s country manager.
Affordable cellphones can bring major social and economic benefits to people who have never before had access to communication


Why Webmasters Hate CPA Ads

Most webmasters hate CPA because it puts all the risk on them and none on the advertisers. If the advertisers doesn’t sell anything you make no money but gave the advertiser free exposure.

At the other end of the spectrum we have CPM (cost per 1000) where the advertiser has to pay a fix amount per 1000 ad views, whether or not the reader clicks the ad or buys anything. This puts all the risk on the advertiser and none on the publisher.

In the middle we have CPC (cost per click) where the advertiser pays for clicks received. This put risk at about 50/50 between advertisers and publishers.


WP Cron Brief Explanation

WP-Cron provides a rudimentary support for scheduled exection of actions; a sort of ??delayed action?? processing for WordPress. It is nowhere near as robust as the actual UNIX cron facility, but should be good enough to ??do stuff?? on a fairly regular basis.
What with human beings, search engine spiders, and content aggregators, we can be fairly sure that even the most uninteresting (public) blog will be visited with some regularity. WP-Cron relies on this regularity to schedule the execution of three new plugin hooks. These hooks execute roughly once every fifteen minutes, every hour, or every day.


Mail Change Timing

By default, wp-cron-mail executes roughly every fifteen minutes. If you’d like to change this to run roughly once per hour, change line 14 from: add_action(‘wp_cron_15’, ‘wp_cron_mail’); to add_action(‘wp_cron_hourly’, ‘wp_cron_mail’);
If you only want once per day, change hourly to daily in the line above.


Stock market highlights and investment advice

Stock market highlights and investment advice
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Google Adsense Success Story?

Got Google Adsense Success Story to share? Well, you can submit to Google to share to the world.

From their blog:-

Maybe you’ve seen some our recent posts profiling the people behind AdSense. While we love talking about the great things everyone is doing over here, what we’re really interested in is what you’re doing.

So please share your AdSense story with us. Has AdSense made an impact on your life? Has it changed the way you do business? How have you been able to optimize your earnings? We’d love to hear about all the ways AdSense has worked ….

Google Adsense Success Story