Sales Tax Free States In USA

Here is a list I got from a Chinese forum. Good to know if you are planning to buy thru Internet and ship to these states:

Delaware 特拉华
Oregon  俄勒冈
Montana  蒙大那
Alaska  阿拉斯加
New Hampshire 新罕布什尔


The Chart Undergoes Chinese Delicacy Delicacies Long T’ienkung To Welcome Eight Sides Honored Guests

“Three smelly tanners, exceed a Zhuge Liang”this speech, may from attempt on the dragon three knight-errant swordsmen bodies to comprehend to the solid center taste. The Linde glory, 1 has in Malaysia surpasses 240 ten thousand audience groups famous DJ; Lin Ch’iensheng, 1 dried meat good boss, but simultaneously he also is the world biggest direct sale company’s member, because he thought the future world could be the network world. In addition, he also similarly has the honor to receive the French imperial kitchen good food member; And fresh view delivers, pulls the surface in minute for 8,192, and includes the strong and healthy person world record cook advocates the principle, three people all called oneself the scholarship is not high, what but do they unify may have to do do? Has not been wrong, three people established a Shanghai restaurant – chart dragon.

The chart dragon emphasis is 5 star classes innate nature, the popular price. But when you tread into in front of the hall, wears the Chinese dress to be supposed to born with can open the gate for you, in its service attitude and the hall the environment, lets me have plants just like places oneself to the imperial palace feeling. Periphery regardless of designs or the decoration, all“is surrounded”by Jinlong, therefore if chart dragon environment splendid, really 1. does not exaggerate.

The chart dragon besides little dragon pao is treasure of the town hall, delivers various types by fresh view which skilled worker develops to pull the surface, is second to none! Actually pulls the surface also to have the very glorious history, because the early people pull time the surface the movement is two to out, therefore most early pulls the surface also to be called“extends the surface”, but pulled to afterwards some northerners with the bamboo pole the surface to hang up, thereupon pulled the surface to be also called“the vermicelli”, finally pulled when the surface passed to Beijing, turns pulls the surface which present everybody“is familiar with”.

But treasure of little dragon paotown hall, needless to say, it has used the material and the soup juice,  are the genuine materials, the feeling in the mouth is first-class. On little dragon pao bitten a small hole, Tang Chihkeng which flows out is completely the full soupspoon oh! But you did not think in the hall only has these two delicacies delicacies, other some snacks and the sweet snack, all can let you not approve the mouth! Quickly tries.


Peaceful Delicacy

The Ahroy restaurant, gives person’s first impression is the color is rich. The yellow and the loose skinned orange red wall, the deep brown counter and the chair, å½· 雲石 the design table, the different color umbrella and the bamboo blind separately hang in the shop, matches is outstanding comes actually not to lose its characteristic.

The second impression was––here food really too delicacy! Freshly selects and purchases seafood food material, Thai entrance spice and small sun-dried shelled shrimp; Also has the invitation from Thailand’s chefs, has more than 20 years to enter the kitchen experience, but in shop live advertisement! The traditional Thai -like delicacies, like the strong taste you, totally can fall in love with it!

Address: No.48, Jalan Manis 1, Taman Segar Cheras, 56,100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-9133 2,330

Business hour:
Monday-Friday:12:00pm-3:30pm; 6:00pm-11:00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: 12:00pm-11:00pm


  1. Individual lunch set meal (Set Lunch) only needs RM9.90 Rice or Noodle + Soup + Drink + Dessetrs
  2. Orders food the type to be free meal (a-la-carte dining) only to need RM12.90, three people or above. Only limits Monday to Friday

*Term & condition apply. *Pork Free


The Tomato Billows Inundate

Tomato–3 grains;
Egg–3 grains;
Soybean oil–50 grams;
Refined salt, soy sauce, sesame oil–respectively right amount;
The black pepper powder, the sesame seed powder (dry cultivates), the green onion–right amount respectively;
Bread flour, starch–respectively right amount;

Step â–¡:
1. the soy sauce, the sesame seed powder, the black pepper powder, at the end of the green onion and the sesame oil puts in the bowl, stirs Cheng Tzuchih to be ready to be used;
2. tomatoes wash cleanly, burns slightly with boiling water Sichuan, then goes to Pi Hoti, the slice, after 灑 on little bread flour spare;
3. infiltrates the egg white soaks in the juice, again joins the bread flour and the starch, stirs Cheng Huzhuang;
4. under the oil and burns the heat toward the pot in, will stain 麵糊 the tomato piece will put into the pot by the piece fries in oil;
5. explodes golden yellow to when bails out controls the oil, on the plate decoration namely completes.

The tomato includes the rich nutrition, uses for 酥炸 a flavor.


The Favor Is Satisfied

Only winter melon–450 grams;
Hu Lo? ball, □□ball, pumpkin ball, sweet potato ball–each 90 grams;
Fruit of the Chinese wolfberry–7 grams;
Element soup, Chinese flowering quince juice, salt–respectively right amount;

Step â–¡:
After 1. winter melons cleans is clean, peels off and the fruit pulp;
2. uses the mold to engrave Cheng T’aohsing the household utensils, steams ripely after the salty salt system spare;
After 3. Hu Lo? the ball, â–¡â–¡the ball, the pumpkin ball, the sweet potato ball separately steams ripely, puts in the winter melon household utensils;
4. burns slightly the pot the heat, puts in the element soup and the Chinese flowering quince juice, after then joins the right amount salt to blend flavors thickens soup;
5. 芡the juice will drench into in the winter melon household utensils, again 灑 on the fruit of the Chinese wolfberry namely will complete.

Uses the entire vegetarian diet the food material, the taste delicate fragrance is elegantly simple.


Eats not fat sweets DIY: The small wheat straw egg flogs

Many people all like eating the sweets, the health is in particular beneficial eats not the fat sweets! This introduction is the small wheat straw egg flogs for everybody â–¡â–¡
The small wheat straw is the natural plant, it includes 100 kind of above each nutrition ingredient, nearly is the matter which the human life needs it all has. The usual people are join the small wheat straw in the soup, also some people stir the juice to drink, you may know the small wheat straw also may make the delicacy delicious sweets? “The small wheat straw egg flogged”is taken to the threshing ground! The delicacy sweets small wheat straw egg makes which“with the small wheat straw flogs”.

·The egg flogs the skin needed materials

The butter 250 grams white sugar 140 grams bread flour 480 grams (sieve) the egg 1 small wheat straw powder 10 grams (to sieve)

·Skin procedure

(1) the butter, the white sugar, the small wheat straw powder, the bread flour pours into in food mixer, is even by the low speed mix;

(2) joins the egg in addition, 攪打 becomes all mixtures 麵團;

(3) puts in 麵團 in the model, presses out many 圓模麵團, is ready to be used.

·Stuffing needed materials

The water 450 milliliters white sugar 175 gram blue pigment little (coca may not add) the egg 5 fresh milks 60 milliliter fresh small wheat straw juice 50 milliliters

·Stuffing procedure

(1) first boils together the water and the white sugar, after the flameout, joins the blue pigment and the small wheat straw juice, mixes evenly, treats coolly;

(2) gently scatters the egg, joins the fresh milk, 攪打 is even, again joined already the cool small wheat straw juice, mixed evenly, after filters, admitted in the refrigerator to cool;

(3) will cool the small wheat straw mixture pours into has arranged 圓模in 麵團, dries 30 minutes by 200 degree Celsius namely to become.