Malaysia (Some said Asia) First Blog Advertising Community

A google-adsense like company, called Nuffnang is becoming the topic of many local blog.

The process is quite simple:

Hope this company can be another source of income to local bloggers. Another income source is never a bad thing 😉

Nuffnang – Asia’s First Blog Advertising Community:


Google Free Wireless Access Thru Sewage System

Another great service from Google: Free Inhouse wireless access for your home.

How it works:

Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines.

TiSP Kit

Google is kind enough by providing the installation kit for the TiSP for all the users that applied for this service.

This is the final result once you have successfully setup the free wireless system, which uses your sewage optical system as the communication channel.

Word of caution: Wash your hands after install the kits. This is to avoid any unwanted consequences from happening, including virus infection, interruption of wireless services, backup problems, brownouts and data wipes.

I must say: Nice one, Google 😉

How TiSP Works:


Shell V Power Ads

Very nice ads from Shell V-Power. I like the sound of the car.

Shell V-Power Ferrari F1 Advertisement:


Ribena Vitamin C Levels Not Up To Level

Want to take your Ribena for its vitamin C? Think twice because an experiment by two young school girls shows that the advertised value in Ribena is not as high as it claims.

The students – now 17 – decided in mid-2004 to test the vitamin C levels of their favourite juices, including Ribena, Just Juice and Arano, for a school project.

They calculated that each 100ml of Ribena contained about 22mg of vitamin C.

Just Juice products contained levels of about 72mg.

GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Ribena admitted that its cartoned Ready To Drink Ribena, which it claimed had 7mg of Vitamin C per 100ml, in fact had no detectable Vitamin C content.

I wonder whether Vitamin C is this expensive, until they take the risk to do this kind of things. Or maybe just accident, ei, lab researchers/QC in GSK, what you do during work? Sleeping issit? drink too much Ribena until no more Vitamin C oso dunno issit?

However hor, this is what GSK Malaysia and Singapore said:

Akhil Chandra, Managing Director, Malaysia & Singapore for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare, has issued the following:

GSK Malaysia has conducted thorough laboratory testing of Vitamin C levels in Ribena. This testing has confirmed that Ribena in Malaysia contain the stated levels of Vitamin C, as described on product labels.

GSK would like to reassure its consumers in Malaysia that the issues discussed with the ACCC and NZCC only affects certain Ribena products in Australia and New Zealand.

Well, we will have to take their words for now. So to all you brand conscious, do not believe in ads 100%, take everything with a little bit of salt. In mandarin: 半信半疑

Ribena-maker fined $217,500 for misleading vitamin C ads – 27 Mar 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news:


PJ Section 14 Digital Mall RM1 Promotion Incident

Some bad publicity for Digital Mall. RM1? Ya right…After long hours waiting and being threaten by the ‘polite’ building management.

I prefer ComputerWar anytime. Good price and convenient location, no need to go to lowyat if got anything wrong. » Blog Archive » Digital Mall to Customers: Piss Off:


Free SMS and Phone Calls

Want Free SMS and Phone Calls? Well, you can get it free now (in Europe) by just receiving free advertising on your handset.

I believe this is the new trend in advertisement, direct to users.

» PressBlog – Blyk:


Use Actual Images Instead of Emoticons on SMS/Email/IM

Now you can use your own face in sms/im/email instead of emoticon.

😉 or

Best part is the system is intelligent enough to generate a list of usable emoticons based only on a single image.
Technology Review: The New Face of Emoticons:


Free Wireless Internet In Malaysia

Free Internet access in Malaysia? Well, that has been the case for Internet users in Ipoh.

Then another interesting news comes out: a user has been ‘hogging’ the free wireless internet access 24×7 for the last two months.

Now the company that in charge of the free internet access in Ipoh, Red Snapper (M) Sdn Bhd is compiling the data to try to trace the said user.

My question is: what for?! If it is FREE, why can’t the user keep using it continuously? Compiling the data just as an excuse to show the Ministry that you are a loser company that do not know how to limit usage (or bandwidth throttle). If you want to do throttling, ask TMNet lor, they are expert in this.

Malaysian companies are such clueless in their acts. I mean, what are you trying to achieve here? You collect the user usage data ( I presume MAC address or IP address) then what you want to do with it? You want to analyst it? You want to do something with that user? What? It is free mah, free oso cannot use, then tell me what to do so that I will do exactly what you want lar.


One man hogging wireless Internet free service 24 hours a day:


Open source Email Server for Windows

Instead of buying the expensive license for Microsoft Exchange email server, I decided to use an open source email server. The one that I am currently testing is hmailserver. Anyone got suggestion on the best email server for Windows? Preferably open source or not that expensive, target users are less than 20.

Anyway, here is the link (no aff) hMailServer – Open source email server for Microsoft Windows:

Will update with the finding later…


Static Charge is Dangerous to Your Notebook!


东芝、富士通、NEC和惠普的5个型号笔记本电脑日前被浙江省工商局责令停止销售。这5款笔记本电脑因静电放电抗扰度、辐射骚扰和浪涌抗扰度(抗雷击)等指标未达标,被判定为不合格产品。   毛衣静电火花 可能让电脑死机   冬天人们穿毛衣或腈纶面料的衣服,因天气干燥摩擦时可能放出静电火花,而这个静电火花的电压,足以让静电放电抗扰不达标的笔记本电脑死机。被判定不合格的5款笔记本电脑,有4款出现静电放电抗扰度不达标,这是出现最多的质量问题.

Wah, fortunately we do not have autumn here. However, static charge are dangerous especially if you are filling up petrol in petrol station, because I have watch a video showing how static charge from a girl ignite a fire when she was filling up her car.